'Fun'draising - Cerebral Palsy Bike Race
JOIN US Saturday, May 11, 2024 @Blue Cross Park
Cerebral Palsy Stationary Bike Race
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2024 is a BIG Year for CPMB! We’re celebrating our:
• 35th Annual Stationary Bike Race and
• 50th Anniversary as an organization!
Enriching the lives of CPMB Members and their families has always
been our mission. This year we have some BIG fundraising goals
and, we need YOUR HELP!
We need you to Ride AND Ask!
RIDE your hearts out for 25 minutes
ASK everyone you know to DONATE
in support of CPMB!
Use these CPMB ‘FUN’draising Tools
to maximize your donation gathering success!
SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! And don’t be afraid to Ask!
People love to support their friends
as well as the good cause you are cycling for!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
  1. Register as a Cyclist on a Team and you’ll automatically be enrolled to accept ONLINE DONATIONS
    It’s easy — click here now! Once you fill in the form and hit REGISTER, you will receive two emails:
    Email I) Account Setup and Instructions provides a confirmation of registration and an “Activate Account” link — click it to activate your personalized ONLINE DONATION link!
    Email II) Registration Complete with “Sending Donation Request” email script — SEE TIP #3 below for more info — verifies your registration is finalized!
    Thank you for registering as a Cyclist! BUT, WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO RIDE IN SUPPORT OF CPMB?
    Do you want to make a difference in the world? Or give the gift of independence to a family member or friend with CP?
    No matter what reason, make it personal and SHARE your motivation for supporting CPMB with your potential donors.
  3. Use the SENDING DONATION REQUEST email script
    In Email II — Registration Complete, you were provided with a “SENDING DONATION REQUEST” script.
    Feel free to edit and make it your own by adding in why YOU ride and, then SHARE widely when requesting donations. Or copy/paste the provided text as follows:
    SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! We encourage you to send emails to family, friends, and coworkers, to request donations. The following is a sample email that you can send, which includes a custom link that will automatically enter your name and team name in the on-line donation form:
    Cycle Together for CPMB — It’s as easy as riding a bike!
    I am participating in the Cerebral Palsy Association’s Winnipeg Bike Race and would like to ask you for a donation which will go towards helping individuals and their families affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP). The CPMB Stationary Bike Race is the major fundraiser for the Cerebral Palsy Association which provides services in the form of grants for specialized mobility, communication equipment, computer technology, software programs, scholarships, support and advocacy in the areas such as education, housing, accessibility and human rights. Thank you for considering my request. #CPProud
    To donate, go to the following page:
    Insert your unique donation link here OR share the CPMB BIKE RACE DONATE page URL: https://www.supportcerebralpalsy.ca/events/bikerace/Donate.aspx
    When you register as a Cyclist online, you will also receive personalized graphics with your unique QR CODE donation link. SHARE widely on your social media or via email. Make it easy for your donors to support you and CPMB!
    To get started, feel free to use the graphics below with a QR CODE for the CPMB BIKE RACE DONATE
    DOWNLOAD & SHARE our CPMB Quick Facts to learn more about the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba and, how generous giving supports our Members and the CP Association.
SPECIAL TIP — YES, CPMB accepts cheques & cash (even pennies)!
Of course, you can always ‘fun’draise old school —
If you would prefer to use receipt books (for you to issue tax receipts directly to your donors who pay by cash or cheques), email your request to Susana at bikerace@cerebralpalsy.mb.ca or call 204.915.8844 with any questions today!
We receive no government funding and our major annual
fundraiser brightens the lives of our Members and helps
keep our Association’s light on!
Thank you! Your generous support enables CPMB to continue
to enrich the lives of Manitobans affected by Cerebral Palsy
through programs, advocacy, education, and peer support.
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